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NFTs is a publicly traded company that invests in revenue-generating crypto assets linked to DeFi, NFTs, Metaverse real estate, and staking.

Democratized Exposure to DeFi

Expanding access to the new wave of financial innovation and crypto through a publicly traded company.

Compound Growth

Generating revenue that compounds 24 / 7 / 365 through crypto staking.

Digital Asset Inventory

Positioned for long-term growth with a balance sheet of digital assets in the most innovative areas of crypto.

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What is DeFi?

Decentralized Finance or DeFi is a new wave of financial innovation that encompasses the fastest growing areas of finance and blockchain. DeFi provides a solid foundation for new financial services that are so powerful and advantageous that it will be a wonder how the world operated without them. DeFi refers to digital platforms and applications that allow peer-to-peer financial transactions through software without reliance on an intermediary like a bank. The most popular uses are lending, borrowing and trading.


Public market investors are missing out due to the complexity of converting fiat to crypto, creating online wallets, securing digital assets and executing a successful DeFi strategy. This industry is primarily accessible only to those with technical expertise via complicated blockchain applications.

Solution: solves this problem by investing in DeFi strategies, primarily tokens, and offering exposure to public market investors through the company’s publicly traded shares. makes it easy for public market investors to participate in the DeFi revolution.

What is Crypto Staking?

DeFi platforms are built and hosted on blockchains, like Ethereum, that pay third parties to validate transactions on their networks. The rapid growth of DeFi has resulted in more transactions being processed and a growing need for third party transaction validators. Crypto stakers directly invest in cryptocurrencies and use that ownership to validate blocks and maintain network security. The more you stake, the greater the staking rewards you receive. makes it easy and safe for investors that don’t want to venture outside their accustomed ways of investing – through the stock market – and want to participate in the crypto revolution.

Goldman Sachs

Proof-of-stake coins have beaten the broader crypto market since 2019.


Ethereum 2.0 Staking Contract Now Holds the Most Ether: $21.5B…It just shows that staking on Eth 2.0 is incredibly popular.

Andrew Kiguel

The financial world is modernizing through blockchain and DeFi. strives to be at the forefront of that evolution.

J. P. Morgan

Staking generates $9 billion worth of revenue annually for crypto stakers. Ethereum transition to staking will increase staking payouts to $20 billion next year and to $40 billion by 2025.

Staking is essential to DeFi’s growth

Staking is the environmentally friendly alternative to crypto mining. Both crypto miners and crypto stakers perform the same function – to validate blockchain transactions. However, staking accomplishes more while consuming less. Crypto mining technology is outdated. It can’t process many transactions per second and requires a tremendous amount of energy consumption. The growing volume of DeFi transactions requires staking’s faster throughput to grow.

Business Model

Capitalize on the massive staking opportunity

  • Purchase and stake tokens with balance sheet capital

  • Additional tokens earned through staking are reflected as revenue

  • Tokens earned are restaked — returns compound 24 / 7 / 365

Scalable and asset-light

  • Scalable staking strategy through industry-leading partnerships

  • No expensive infrastructure or overhead costs

  • No client-facing products; no high client acquisition or marketing costs

Ownership of DeFi digital assets

  • Inventory of tokens in the highest growth areas of DeFi

  • Inventory appreciation directly correlated to this financial revolution

  • Tokens are marked-to-market every quarter and reflected in income

Evolving to integrate complimentary DeFi strategies

  • Interactive gaming and NFTs

  • Stablecoins

  • Yield farming and lending

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