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Web3 is a publicly-traded company that invests in web3 assets and builds businesses linked to crypto staking, the metaverse and play-to-earn gaming.

News and Media Focuses on Three Operating Segments


Inventory of Layer 1 blockchain tokens used as collateral to earn more tokens for processing blockchain transactions.

Metaverse Group

A web3 technology company with products and services that bring businesses to life in web3 environments, including metaverses, NFTs and the next iteration of retail, ecomm3.

Hulk Labs

A game development studio building web3 games, offering services to brands looking to create immersive gaming experiences, and data platform to players looking for player statistics on their favourite web3 titles.

What is the Metaverse?

The metaverse is a trillion dollar market opportunity. Metaverses are interconnected 3D virtual worlds where users interact in real time through avatars to work, play games, interact with friends, attend events, and spend money.


How do investors position themselves in the growth of the metaverse? Attaining exposure can be intimidating and difficult for traditional investors.

Solution: invests in revenue generating metaverse related tokens and digital assets.

What is Play-to-Earn?

Play-To-Earn (“P2E”) gaming is the next major opportunity in cryptocurrency. It merges the addictiveness and entertainment value of online gaming (which is a sector that has 400M+ global daily users) and the ability to earn real-world incomes through the combination of digital asset ownership and gameplay.


How do investors position themselves in P2E Gaming? Attaining exposure can be intimidating and difficult for traditional investors.

Solution: invests in revenue generating P2E related tokens and digital assets.

Business Model

The Metaverse

Metaverse Group provides brands and businesses with fun and interactive ways to engage with existing and new customers in the 3D internet. Metaverse Group specializes in building customized virtual stores, sales centers, events, and games in various platforms including Fortnite and Roblox.


Unique digital assets, no two are the same. From art to music, games, real estate, and professional credentials, organizations are now including NFTs in their strategies to enhance customer and employee experiences.


Apps that facilitate peer-to-peer financial transactions without a bank. Blockchain and smart contracts automate the transactions. Faster and lower cost.


Hulk Labs is a web3 gaming studio, with a focus on 3 key areas: i) Web3 game economics and branded games for clients. ii) Data analytics via the creation of a gaming dashboard and iii) The creation of unique mobile games.

Crypto Staking:

We own a portfolio of layer 1 tokens used in staking.  The environmentally friendly way to validate blocks. All new tokens are built on staking platforms.


Built on blockchain technology, will disrupt nearly every type of consumer technology.

Staking is essential to Web3 growth

Staking is the environmentally friendly alternative to crypto mining. Both crypto miners and crypto stakers perform the same function – to validate blockchain transactions. However, staking accomplishes more while consuming less. Crypto mining technology is outdated. It can’t process many transactions per second and requires a tremendous amount of energy consumption. The growing volume of web3 transactions requires staking’s faster throughput to grow.


Revenue from virtual gaming worlds could grow to $400 billion in 2025. The metaverse may represent an over $1 trillion annual revenue market opportunity


Ethereum 2.0 Staking Contract Now Holds the Most Ether: $21.5B…It just shows that staking on Eth 2.0 is incredibly popular.

Andrew Kiguel

Within two years, every brand and corporation will require a metaverse presence like they need a website today.

J. P. Morgan

Staking generates $9 billion worth of revenue annually for crypto stakers. Ethereum transition to staking will increase staking payouts to $20 billion next year and to $40 billion by 2025.

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