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Thank you for your interest in the sale of the coin minting equipment, coin blank inventory, the two colored coin patents. 

This is an asset sale only.  There are no financials as this operation was just a part of a larger business.

The 2 patents referenced in section A) below are available. The sale of the two patents below will also include the special machine that was made to make the coins referenced in the Patent section.


You can see what this business is all about by clicking here and reading a Summary of Our Minting Business.


A)  The patents are patent #s (6,514,374, & 6,635,143).  Both patents expire 2/4/2020.  For complete details on the patents go to the U.S. Patent and Trademark office www.uspto.gov.  There is also a machine that applies the color imprint and coatings that conforms to the above patents.  This machine is included in the sale of the above two patents.  These patents and the equipment associated with them are offered for sale for $1,200,000. For further inquires regarding these patents and the machine that goes with them, please call Stan at 702-595-2222 or email him at stan@tokens.com. 


To see the details and photos of some of the coins protected and manufactured under the patents see:




B) The minting equipment is in Las Vegas, Nevada.  All of the minting equipment exclusive of what is contained in section “A” above is offered for sale for sale at $950,000. You can see some of the larger pieces by clicking here: Equipment Photos

                     The list of major equipment can be viewed by clicking here: Equipment List



To view the equipment, tools and tooling in person please make an appointment by calling Stan at 702-595-2222 or emailing to stan@tokens.com


C) The coin blanks are also available please contact for a current inventory and cost.  

The trade name Nevada Coin Minting is also for sale.


There are also 2 domain names for sale, they are: