Full Color Kaleidoprint Tokens

Kaleidoprint(tm) is Nevada Coin Minting's exclusive full color slot token. Through years of research and development, Nevada Coin Minting has produced the worlds first full color slot token that is durable enough to withstand the constant abuse of slot machine hoppers, conveying systems and wrapping machines; not to mention table game play. This proven product is being used in place of conventional tokens at an astounding rate. Since Kaleidoprint(tm) was introduced only one year ago, over 12 million Kaleidoprint(tm) tokens have been sold! Kaleidoprint(tm) is not merely a "souvenir," "promotional," or "drop thru" token. It is specifically designed to replace old, boring conventional coinage in all casino applications. With Kaleidoprint(tm), play and revenue can be increased dramatically over your old coinage. And your slot tokens will now have the same appealing full color collectable value that your chips have for celebrating special events. Why not have special event slot tokens to match your special event chips to give your slot players something to collect instead of just the table players? Kaleidoprint(tm) tokens are manufactured in all standard and security coin minting alloys to provide you with the choice of metal color and security aspects. Kaleidoprint(tm) tokens can be mixed and played with your existing tokens and they are the same weight as conventional tokens, so they won't jam coin acceptors or coin wrapping machines. Kaleidoprint(tm) tokens are also stackable, so they are easy to use on felt table games. Since the introduction of Kaleidoprint(tm), numerous attempts have been made to duplicate it by other companies. No one can duplicate our processes or product because they have not invested the time, money or effort like Nevada Coin Minting has to make it an exceptional product. Only Nevada Coin Minting invested five years and over two million dollars to invent a colored slot token that really worked. Kaleidoprint(tm) is a proven reliable slot token that has been tested by IGT and is in play in over ten properties. Nevada Coin Minting also has an outstanding rebate program designed to give you credit back on your old slot tokens when purchasing new Kaleidoprint(tm) tokens. We are looking forward to making your next token order colorful, secure, and extraordinary with Kaleidoprint(tm) technology. For more information and pricing on this spectacular and affordable new token, call, write or E-mail.

Kaleidoprint(tm) processes and products are United States patent pending.

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