Coining Dies

When designing your custom coin, you have the option of choosing 2 dimensional or 3 dimensional coining dies.

2 Dimensional coining dies should be used when:

  • The artwork contains text only
  • The artwork contains text and logos that are composed of simple lines and shapes
  • Any artwork that needs no special relief to be distinguishable

3 Dimensional coining dies should be used when:

  • The artwork to be used is from a photograph of 3 dimensional objects
  • The artwork is a portait of a person or other living thing
  • High relief and lifelike appearance is desired

2 Dimensional dies have a "high-low" surface that is engraved in a single plain. Your art will be standing or flat with no

slopes or variations in height. 3 dimensional dies are sculped by hand to give a true 3D look. 3D dies feature slopes and valleys

with an exteme amount of detail. Where necessary, textures will be added to the surface to give a more lifelike appearance.

Coin Finishes

Nevada Coin Minting offers three types of finishes:


Natural - Our standard coining finish. Dies are polished to have a smooth and even appearance. This finish incurres no addional charge.

Business strike - Dies are polished at set intervals during the run to maintain a consistant appearance from start to finish.

Proof-like - Our best finish. Dies are polished to a mirror and satin contrasting finish to give your coin a fantastic look. This finish is best when used with .999 fine silver or .999 fine gold.

Antiqued - Coins are chemically treated after striking to give the apperance of old rustic coinage. Typically raised surfaces remain shiny and natural where depressed surfaces become somewhat blackened.

Full color Kaleidoprint - Our exclusive full color coins that can feature any color artwork you have.

Gold plating - Coins are plated with rich 24 Karat gold. This can be done selectively to specific areas or completely.

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